Bannoffee flavour, strawberry flavour or honeycomb flavour – which one?? Yummy. Think it has to be strawberry tonight with a slight dash of grand marnier – gorgeous. All home made by Colin.

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We had a horrible experience over the weekend.  A lady called in at 5p.m. and asked for a table on Saturday night and we were full but we said we could squeeze her in at 8.30p.m. if she liked and she agreed to the time, we asked her for how many and she said for herself, her mother and her three month old baby.  We very kindly and courteously explained that probably the restaurant would not suit a tiny baby at that time of night when we have classical music playing, candlelit tables and an intimate atmosphere and she stormed off stating in a really aggressive manner that she was going to post a negative review on Tripadvisor – what chance do we stand!!?

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We had our AA inspection and have been awarded four stars again for our accommodation.  You are now able to book on line straight from our website.  Check out our special offers at the moment.  ONLY £50 FOR A DOUBLE EN SUITE AND BREAKFAST.  NO BETTER DEAL ANYWHERE ELSE IN NORTH NORFOLK.

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Copying is the highest form of flattery – BUT – you will never quite be the same!!!  More recipes to follow soon – try to replicate some of these down the road!!!

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How about a trio of mackerel, eel and smoked salmon for a starter, yum, yum!!! with our lovely home made brown bread.  We also have fantastic snails on again as a special starter, yum, yum!!!  How about a beautiful local dover sole for a special main course, all freshly cooked, no boil in the bag here!!!  Wonderful cooking.

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Thank you to all our positive reviewers who have left great reviews.  We have been awarded a Tripadvisor 2013 Certificate of Excellence.  We are so pleased that so many of you have enjoyed your visit to our little restaurant.  I heard a great saying the other day.  “For every one of you who hate – there are thousands upon thousands who appreciate”.  Many thanks again to everyone.  We try really hard to please you all.

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How sad, another chain pub/restaurant in our beautiful area.  Please support the small individual and unique businesses in beautiful North Norfolk not a massive chain who do not care if they have customers or not!!!  They are huge conglomerates who are supported by their other pubs across the UK.  Us little businesses are on our own and need your business.  How sad that we have supermarket syndrome.  I think you all know what I mean by that.  Unfortunately these chains also serve many a boil in the bag and people think they are getting a good deal with the prices they charge!!  Please think about this seriously and how they can possibly produce such cheap meals.  Thank you.

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We’ve hed a lot o’ wet wether o’ laete

Thass thuh sort Horry haete

Thaat git on his wick so he saay

Settin’ theer lookin’ at Martha awl daay.


Well, Oi say, “Why doant yew go in yare shud”?

Chop sum sticks or saw sum wud”,

Horry say “Oi carn’t git in thuh door”

Thass moor’un full now, bor.


“Oi hed three daays at it larst week

A choppin’ sticks, theers a damn grate heep

Theer int room tew yewse my crawss cut saw

Fer thuh toime bein’, Oi carn’t dew enny moor”.


“Carn’t dew no gardnin’, hedgin’ naither

Rekkon Oi’ll hetta help Martha agin

Thuh owtlook is gittin’ graver an’ graver

Wet wether bor, an’ yew jus’ carn’t win

Come to The Old Forge and hear our real Norfolk staff in full flow and enjoy bootiful local Norfolk seafood.

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Where are all the lovers?  Valentine’s is just around the corner, book a table and don’t be disappointed.  Lovely fresh flowers and chocolates on the tables.  Romantic setting with lovely romantic music playing in the background.  Candle lit tables – what more would you want.  Try our beautiful local oysters as a starter and see if they work!!!  Sizzling bananas for a Valentine pudding are a must.  Watch your partners face when they are served in front of her.  Lots of wonderful choices for your perfect Valentine meal.

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Happy New Year to everyone.  We re-open on 9th February having closed for January after a very busy Christmas Spectacular looking after all their customers and cast.  It has been brilliant and great fun and John Cushing has been marvellous in his support for our little restaurant and B&B.  Thank you very much.  Don’t forget Valentines.  Book early as we have an amazing three course set menu as well as our A la carte which is only £19.50 for three courses.  This sort of price is very hard to find for freshly prepared meals with fresh vegetables and potatoes and home made starters and desserts.  Try our sizzling bananas in cointreau and cream as a special valentine dessert – yum, yum and very appropriate!!  Book a room as well and make it a special occasion with fresh flowers and chocolates in the rooms.  Look forward to seeing you all.

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