The Old Forge

Norfolk wet weather



We’ve hed a lot o’ wet wether o’ laete

Thass thuh sort Horry haete

Thaat git on his wick so he saay

Settin’ theer lookin’ at Martha awl daay.


Well, Oi say, “Why doant yew go in yare shud”?

Chop sum sticks or saw sum wud”,

Horry say “Oi carn’t git in thuh door”

Thass moor’un full now, bor.


“Oi hed three daays at it larst week

A choppin’ sticks, theers a damn grate heep

Theer int room tew yewse my crawss cut saw

Fer thuh toime bein’, Oi carn’t dew enny moor”.


“Carn’t dew no gardnin’, hedgin’ naither

Rekkon Oi’ll hetta help Martha agin

Thuh owtlook is gittin’ graver an’ graver

Wet wether bor, an’ yew jus’ carn’t win

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