The Old Forge

What’s happened to French Food!!



Just been to France on holiday in Normandy.  We had a terrible time!!!  The food was appalling and the service was just as bad.  Where is all the lovely french food, we could not find one good restaurant to visit.  The places we did eat were very ordinary and all the menus were the same.  They were offering children nuggets and ham and chips and such like, what has happened?  How disappointing.  It made us realise what a lovely little restaurant we are without sounding big headed!!!  The french used to love serving people but that seems to have changed as well.  Their attitude is that they are not interested in waiting on tables, they almost seemed too important.  We were so disappointed, maybe we were in the wrong area.  Anyway, schools break up next week, we are getting busy and have wonderful fresh seafood on offer.  Beautiful Cromer crabs, local lobster, local oysters and such like from our friend Willie Weston a fisherman on the coast.  Contrary to popular belief we are not expensive, we have a three course set menu for £17.50, there was no-where in France with a set menu this price.  Our rooms are getting busy as well.  The weather is changing for the better so book now for a lovely stay in Norfolk with excellent food and great service.