The Old Forge




If there is an R in the month then our beautiful local mussels are on offer, the rest of the year we offer New Zealand green lipped mussels, they are still tasty but not as good as local Morston mussels, they are completely different.  Morston mussels are plump and juicy and New Zealand mussels are flatter and not so moist.  The original ten minute supper.  A pot of blue-black mussels steams in seconds with a glass of wine and a handful of aromatics – by which we mean parsley, peppercorns and a bayleaf.  The bay will do nothing in terms of flavour, but it does look the part.  You can be too practical.  Covered with a tight lid and cooked until the shells are open, three minutes or less, there will be supper in no time at all.  Pull the little wobbly orange mussels apart with your fingers and dunk your bread in the broth.  And the steam, fishy and salty, will smell wonderful.  Alternatively when the mussels are not in season steam New Zealand mussels in garlic and tarragon butter, absolutely gorgeous.  COME TO THE OLD FORGE SEAFOOD RESTAURANT AND HAVE THEM HERE WITH OUR OWN HOME BAKED BREAD.