The Old Forge




Opening Oysters – Wrap one hand in a tea towel and place the oyster in it, put your hand on a work top, push the point of an oyster knife or small, thick-bladed knife into the hinge of the oyster and, using firm but not excessive pressure, work the knife backwards and forwards into the shell, breaking the hinge.  As the hinge breaks, twist the point of the knife to lever the shell up then slide the knife under the top shell to sever the ligament that joins the oyster to the shell.  The ligament is slightly off to the right of centre of the oyster.  Lift off the top shell keeping the bottom shell upright at all times to avoid losing any of the juice.  Pick out any little pieces of shell that might have broken off.  ALTERNATIVELY, COME TO THE OLD FORGE AND WE WILL DO IT ALL FOR YOU!!